Cheesecakes are some of the most popular desserts ordered by people around the world when out in restaurants. With a rich taste and creamy texture, cheesecakes come in a variety of favors. From the original cheesecake to a death by chocolate cake, the dessert itself is simply amazing! Before, it used to be that you could only get a delicious piece of cheesecake at an upper scale restaurant. Fortunately, you can now order a whole cheesecake to be delivered to your home by a cake delivery service.

Chef Daniel Tay began cheese cake delivery by Cat & the Fiddle. With 15 different flavors to choose from, the company strives itself on providing the highest quality of ingredients and variety. Not only are the cheesecakes top of the line, but each one can be personalized with greeting tags, stencils and other things to make your cheesecake one of a kind.

A service such as is available in Singapore for those that enjoy a fabulous cake. Each cake is 7 inches and can feed up to 10 people. Each cake is freshly baked, but instead of freezing them, they use a technique known as blast freezing. This is different from a home freezer. Once brought back to the correct temperature, the cake will have the same characteristics as it did before it was frozen.

The cake delivery in Singapore service is a great idea for those that want to serve an amazing cheesecake for family and friends. The full menu is available online, you can add on different things to make your cheesecake as personalized as you want it to be. Whether you are in need of candles or cutlery, or would like to include a message or add sprinkles, these can be done at the time of ordering. Same day and next day delivery is available. However, there is an extra charge involving those options.

People all around the world love to indulge in desserts. Fortunately for the people that live in Singapore and surrounding areas, they are able to enjoy a magnificent cheesecake delivered right to their home. With the guarantee of it being fresh and delicious as it was just baked, you can browse the website to choose one of the 15 cakes they specialize in. Whether it is for you or a family function, the cheesecake you choose will not disappoint you.